Our patients are entitled to the most comfortable, safe, and effective dental treatments available today. Whether you’re visiting us for a dental cleaning, examination, or one of our many other dental services, we will use the latest in dental technology to help ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

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The Power of Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced technology in dental offices enhances diagnostics, improves treatment precision, enhances patient comfort and experience, expands treatment options, and increases overall efficiency and productivity. These factors contribute to a better and more advanced dental practice, benefiting dental professionals and their patients.

Incorporating these advanced technologies into our practice sets us apart and benefits our patients in several ways. Our team is trained to harness these tools to their full potential, offering the best possible dental experience!

Dental Technology Found at Our Office

Zsambeky, Chaney, & Associates is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in patient care and satisfaction. We’re excited to have these technologies in our office:

Interested in Learning More About Our Cutting-Edge Dental Technology?

Whether your dental needs are simple or complex, our doctors are qualified and here to ensure you feel safe. If you have any questions about our technologies, don’t hesitate to ask. Come and enjoy unmatched dental care at Zsambeky, Chaney, & Associates!

what our patients say

“I love this group of people. From the office staff to the medical staff - they are the best! Kind, gentle and up on the latest in dentistry. I highly recommend Zsambeky Chaney & Associates!”

- Ann F.

“Dentists and staff are always friendly and professional. The dental care I get here is superb. In over twenty years of being a patient, my experiences have always been great!”

- Lisa H.

“The best dental office in Concord, NC. If you plan to move here, choose this office. You won’t be disappointed. Dr. Zsambeky and his staff are the best!”

- Virginia C.

“This team keeps you laughing while they take care of your dental needs, which can sometimes be a dreaded experience. I am greeted by my first name when I enter and I don’t have to wait long in the lobby. The office staff helps me plan more complex visits in conjunction with my insurance and what is doable for me.”

- Derek F.


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