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Great hygiene starts with brushing and flossing daily. Unfortunately, many people forget to floss or have difficulty flossing correctly. If this sounds like you, our team recommends using a Waterpik® to get the job done.

WaterPik Water Flosser in Bathroom

What is Waterpik®?

Waterpik® is a water flossing system that makes flossing fast, easy, and effective. It does all the work, allowing you to have healthier gums and brighter teeth in only about a minute a day. Waterpik® is known for its performance and quality; many of our patients have come to love and appreciate its effectiveness.

We may recommend water flossing for the following patients:

  • Those with gum disease
  • Orthodontic patients
  • Those with limited dexterity or mobility issues

Why Dentists Love Water Flossing Systems

Waterpik® is the number one recommended water flossing system within the dental industry. It utilizes a pulsating water stream to effectively remove plaque and debris between teeth and the gumline. Waterpik® can reach areas that traditional brushing and flossing may miss, resulting in a more thorough clean.

Waterpik® is especially beneficial for individuals with gum disease, as it can help reduce inflammation and improve gum health. The gentle pulsating action massages the gums, increasing blood circulation and aiding in healing.

Cordless WaterPik Water Flosser in Bathroom

How to Use Your Waterpik®

  • Fill the water reservoir with warm water or antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Start with a low-pressure setting and gradually increase to a comfortable level. Always consult your dentist to determine the appropriate pressure for your oral health needs.
  • Lean over the sink and place the tip of the Waterpik® in your mouth. Close your lips enough to prevent splashing but allow the water to flow out of your mouth.
  • Starting at the back of your mouth, aim the tip of the Waterpik® along the gumline, between your teeth. Pause briefly between each tooth, ensuring the water stream effectively cleans the area.
  • Move the tip systematically along the front and back surfaces of your teeth, cleaning the gumline and between each tooth.
  • After using the Waterpik, thoroughly rinse your mouth with water.

Ready to Try the Waterpik® in Concord, NC?

Gone are the days of flossing being awkward, messy, and complicated. Thanks to Waterpik®, you can achieve optimal oral health. Visit us today if you’re ready to incorporate this tool into your oral care routine.

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