Root Resorption

Endodontic Treatment

Root Resorption

Root resorption is a perfectly normal and healthy thing. However, when an adult tooth root begins to break down, either from the inside or the outside, it jeopardizes the entire tooth. It would need an endodontist’s attention at this point.

treatment for root canal resorption in a dental clinic

What is Root Resorption?

Root resorption is the process of the loss or destruction of the tissues that make up the root surface of a tooth (dentin and cementum). It involves the breakdown and subsequent absorption of the tooth structure by the body’s own cells, leading to the gradual shortening or complete loss of the tooth’s root. Root resorption can occur in primary or permanent teeth.

There are two types of root resorption:

  • External Root Resorption occurs on the outer surface of the tooth’s root and can be further classified as inflammatory or replacement resorption.
  • Internal Root Resorption starts within the pulp chamber and may progress into the root.

Symptoms and Causes

Root resorption doesn’t always have symptoms and will often be detected by routine radiographs. The problem appears as an abnormal pulp chamber (internal resorption) or lesions outside the tooth (external resorption). Common side effects may include tooth sensitivity, mobility, pain, and changes in tooth color.

Root resorption can have several causes, including:

Our Treatment Approach

The treatment approach for root resorption depends on several factors, including the type, extent, and progression of the resorption. In cases where it’s minimal and not progressing rapidly, we may monitor the condition closely through regular dental examinations and radiographic imaging. We can also perform orthodontic interventions, root canal treatment, or surgery if necessary.

Are You Experiencing Root Resorption in Concord, NC?

If you’re experiencing symptoms of root resorption, give us a call to schedule an appointment. Our team is happy to help determine the next steps for the tooth.

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