Implant-Retained Partials


Implant-Retained Partials

Implant-retained partials offer stability, comfort, and an enhanced quality of life for individuals who have experienced tooth loss. Our skilled team of dental professionals is dedicated to helping you regain your smile and confidence by utilizing advanced techniques and state-of-the-art dental implants.

What Are Implant-Retained Partials?

Implant-retained partials offer an excellent alternative to traditional removable partial dentures. Unlike their counterparts, which rely on clasping onto neighboring natural teeth and resting on the gums, implant-retained partials provide a unique combination of the advantages of dentures and individual implants. These partials offer enhanced stability and durability, surpassing the limitations of removable options.

Moreover, they are a more cost-effective solution compared to replacing each missing tooth individually with implants. Implant-retained partials balance reliability and affordability, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting restoration for your missing teeth.

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How Do Implant-Retained Partials Work?

Implant-retained partials offer a revolutionary approach to tooth replacement, requiring fewer implants compared to conventional dental implants. With as few as two implants, these partials provide the necessary stability for a secure fit. The implant-retained partial easily snaps onto the implants, seamlessly blending with your natural teeth.

Unlike traditional options, these partials distribute the chewing forces onto the implants rather than putting pressure on the gums. This unique feature enhances comfort and chewing efficiency while mitigating bone loss in the jaw.

Ideal Candidates for Treatment

Implant-retained partials are an excellent solution for patients with some remaining natural teeth and sufficient healthy jawbone to support the implants. This treatment is particularly beneficial for those who may find the cost of individual implants for each missing tooth outside their budget.

Implant-retained partials may be suitable for individuals who:

  • Have several missing teeth but still retain some healthy natural teeth
  • Have enough healthy jawbone to support the implants
  • Desire a more stable and secure tooth replacement option compared to traditional removable partial dentures
  • Want to improve their ability to chew and speak comfortably
  • Seek a long-term solution that helps prevent further jawbone loss
  • Wish to restore their smile aesthetics and regain confidence

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